Is the honeymoon period coming to an end?  So many look at “the honeymoon has ended” phrase rather negatively.  Supposedly all the good stuff is done.  I think that’s kind of sad.  I like to look at it more as, “Though the honeymoon may be ending, it’s now time to lay the building blocks of a relationship that will last 10, 20…50 years or more.”  All married couples remember their honeymoon, but there is so much more to the relationship.  The couple is not going to be able to spend the rest of their married lives going to work, coming home, eating dinner together, curl up on the couch, watch a romantic movie, whisper sweet nothings to each other, off to bed…and then wake up in the morning to do it all over again.  At some point, someone’s not going to want to watch that romantic movie.  At some point, someone’s going to check the checking account and get upset that someone may have bought one too many latte’s that week.  At some point, someone’s going to pull their hair out trying to pay a bill that they might not have the money for.  At some point, someone’s going to have something negative to say about their mother-in-law…yikes (I love my mother-in-law…seriously, I do.)  At some point, someone’s going to say something out of anger or frustration and the inevitable argument, most likely fight, is going to break out.  (If you’re newly married and reading this, trust me and gobs of other married couples…it’s going to happen.)  The honeymoon is over, and it’s usually through some negative action that the phrase is brought about.

That’s kind of what’s happening with me now in my new position here as pastor of St. James.  I’ve been able to start doing the things I’ve dreamed of for some time now…sharing my vision to the congregation, preaching with passion on Sunday morning, teaching deep truths from the Word of God, praying with those in need, providing spiritual counsel, talking to the air conditioning repair man concerning the problem from Sunday of it being 90 degrees outside and an uncomfortable 84 degrees in the sanctuary…wait, what was that last one?  Okay, that wasn’t part of my pastoral dream…however, it’s part of being a pastor.

That argument between the couple mentioned above probably wasn’t a part of the dream of marriage, but it is a part of the marriage.  When negative things happen, the couple needs to work through it, learn from it and build their marriage.  The A/C breaking down is a negative part signaling the beginning of the end of the honeymoon period of my pastorate.  However, I’m about to dive into the school of budgeting and fund-raising to figure out effective ways to raise the $8,000-$10,000 dollar price tag to replace the system…I’ve already learned the workings of the A/C unit, not sure exactly how I can build my pastorate on that knowledge, but you never know. (As a side not, yes, I know the future holds much more difficult situations in the church.)

Anyway you look at it, though (in both situations mentioned) it’s an opportunity to see the Lord do great things and put more trust in Him.  The honeymoon may be ending, but the building blocks of even greater things are being put into place!

One thought on “PASTOR, HUSBAND

  1. I still feel like I’m in the honeymoon stage… of the church… and our 11 year marriage! But thats just because I have such an awesome Pastor (full of positives) and loving Husband (full of encouragement!)

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