A couple of weeks ago, I got really angry.  The kind where you can feel your face get red, and you’re literally “hot under the collar”.  I really wanted to yell and go all crazy.  What I was doing was watching YouTube.

The original reason for watching the videos was that I was looking for more information on this thing called the Higgs boson.  It’s a science thing and I was wanting to share some stuff to my Wednesday night group about it as we had gone through a DVD series on a creation vs. evolution/Bible/science thing (it was a good series and you can check out more info here).  Of course, part of what I’m trying to do is figure out if and how this Higgs boson thing works with or against the Bible.

So, as I’m looking at these different videos, of course there are other videos that are there with their claims that they can prove that God doesn’t exist, or that the Bible is false, or that the Bible has contradictions…and like a moth to a flame or me to a chocolate candy bar, I move my cursor and click on the various videos.  As I’m watching these videos, two things are happening.

First, the positive thing.  I’m coming up with some pretty good arguments refuting what I’m seeing and hearing, especially since I’m just coming off the DVD series I mentioned above.

Second, the negative thing.  I’m getting pretty steamed by some of the arguments posed, or by the language being used, or the fact that one of the videos is being presented in a way to get a Christian hot under the collar and it was working on me.  But Dave, what do you mean negative?  Isn’t that what we as Christians are supposed to do?  Get angry at people who want to diss on God and start showing them who’s the boss?

NOPE…let me explain.

First, Christians serve an almighty, all-knowing, ever-present, all-loving, merciful God.  He does not need us “angry and arrogant Christians” proving His existence.

Second, I heard a great phrase a while back in a chapel service at the college I attended.  The speaker said, “Getting angry at a sinner for sinning makes as much sense as getting angry at a blind man for walking into a tree.”  That phrase popped in my head as I was getting hot under the collar, and I started thinking about the times that the Bible shows Christ during his time here on earth frustrated (pretty much any time he talked to a pharisee) or down right angry (kicking everyone out of the temple with whip in hand).  I started to realize a very important theme there…Christ seems to only get frustrated or angry with those who already know the truth and are not following it and misusing it.

I cannot recall a time where Christ gets frustrated with someone who doesn’t know God…he lovingly helps them and shows them the way.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not trying to get soft here.  I firmly believe that our God is the supreme judge who knows all things and that those who declare Christ as Lord will be judged for their works, and that those who choose to ignore Christ and push him away will face the consequence of eternity in a lake of fire, but we don’t have to preach that message in an angry and arrogant fashion to those who don’t believe.

We need to allow the fruit of self-control to grow in our lives, and lovingly show the way to those who need the Gospel.

It’s so easy for us to sit on a high perch and look down on those who don’t know the truth and angrily curse them (because I’m telling you right now, it’s not a blessing when you’re sharing the Gospel that way).  Don’t be like the priest in Luke 18:9-14…be like the tax collector.

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