I want to take an opportunity today to do some “Lord boasting“.

First, He has blessed my family and me so greatly, I can’t thank Him enough.  There was a period of time a little while ago where I was really contemplating “hanging up the church ministry stuff” for a few reasons that I’m going to keep myself.  Turns out God was just building patience in me and has blessed us greatly in the position He’s given us here in St. James.  We have a very friendly and caring congregation (not that the ones in the past haven’t been for those of you reading this) that has been a great support since we’ve moved here.  The deacon board at our church is very open and seems enthusiastic about reaching out to the community with the Gospel (based on stories I’ve heard in the past, this is a huge blessing my friends).  I know we’re still new to this, but the Lord is building a great foundation for us when the road gets rough.

Second, in the last couple of months he’s been blessing the church…quite a bit happening within the last week.  The congregation has responded very positively to the challenge of giving to missions and the giving has increased quite a bit in the last couple of month.  The increase is enough for our church to be able to bring in a few more missionaries.

In the last week, we sold our bus for the price I was hoping but wasn’t looking like we were going to get; got a new roof on the parsonage just as I thought we were going to have to get a little tough with the company doing the work (“battle” averted); and yesterday we had a great turnout for the annual church picnic.  I was a bit nervous about changing up the service and having it leave the building and take place at the picnic spot…on top of it, I scheduled it for an hour later.  Turns out, it was the highest attended service we’ve had since taking on the position!  Best blessing of all, we saw a few people give their lives to Christ and build the Kingdom of God!  Many were fed yesterday physically and spiritually.  It was a really great day.

Now I just need to remember this stuff when the road gets bumpy, if not filled with craters.


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