Here it goes, my bogus and bold predictions for the NFL.  You could say I’m living somewhat vicariously through this blog.  I’ve always had jobs in the back of my mind I would be doing if I wasn’t in ministry.  One of those jobs would be a sports reporter (others would include being the general manager of a team in the NFL or a truck driver…maybe I’ll explain these choices in future blogs).  So out comes the sports reporter in me.  

They’re “bogus” because I have absolutely no inside knowledge of any team in the NFL.  All selections are mainly based on my gut instinct.  They’re “bold” because I did something a little different this season…I went through the entire NFL schedule and picked the winners.  That makes it very interesting when predicting how the season will end up (especially when teams are in the playoffs who I thought wouldn’t be, i.e. the Saints, and teams that I thought would make the playoffs but won’t, i.e. the Eagles).  I will give you my weekly picks through out the NFL season so you can see how great…no, probably how horribly this will end up. 

So here goes, each division with each teams overall record and the teams above .500 (a record of 9-7 or better), they’re conference record so you can see how I think the seeds play out…although most of them don’t matter because the head-to-head matchups settle most of the seedings (Packers v. 49ers, Falcons v. Cowboys, Saints v. Eagles and Ravens v. Patriots…you can tell who I picked in those games based on the playoff seedings).


EAST                           NORTH                     SOUTH                        WEST
Patriots (13-3, 9-3)         Ravens (13-3, 9-3)          Texans (12-4, 10-2)           Chargers (11-5, 8-4)
Jets (10-6, 8-4)               Steelers (12-4, 9-3)          Jaguars (4-12)                  Broncos (8-8)
Bills (6-10)                    Bengals (7-9)                  Colts (4-12)                      Raiders (6-10)
Dolphins (4-12)            Browns (2-14)                Titans (3-13)                      Chiefs (5-11)


EAST                              NORTH                        SOUTH                   WEST
Cowboys (12-4, 9-3)        Packers (13-3, 10-2)            Falcons (12-4, 9-3)        49ers (13-3, 10-2)
Eagles (9-7, 8-4)               Lions (11-5, 8-4)                Saints (9-7, 6-6)             Seahawks (7-9)
Giants (8-8)                     Bears (9-7, 5-7)                 Panthers (7-9)               Rams (5-11)
Redskins (4-12)                Vikings (4-12)                   Buccaneers (6-10)          Cardinals (2-14)

PLAYOFFS:                   AFC                                                 NFC
WILDCARD–                 (3) Texans over (6) Jets                       (3) Falcons over (6) Saints
                                       (5) Steelers over (4) Chargers               (4) Cowboys over (5) Lions

DIVISIONAL–              (1) Ravens over (5) Steelers                 (1) Packers over (4) Cowboys
                                       (3) Texans over (2) Patriots                 (2) 49ers over (3) Falcons

CHAMPIONSHIP–       (1) Ravens over (3) Texans                  (1) Packers over (2) 49ers

                                                  SUPERBOWL– Packers over Ravens


MVP- Aaron Rodgers, QB Packers
Offensive Player of the Year-  Aaron Rodgers, QB Packers
Defensive Player of the Year- Clay Matthews, OLB Packers
Offensive Rookie of the Year- Russell Wilson, QB Seahawks
Defensive Rookie of the Year- Morris Claiborne, CB Cowboys



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