My goodness, I was just complaining about the very issue I struggle with when it came to the Packers’ loss to the Colts  a week ago…inconsistency!  I think it’s been a month since I’ve written in my blog.  I broke what I think is the cardinal rule for “making sure people read your blog”, and that is blogging consistently.  My bad and my apologies.

Speaking of the Packers though, did you see that amazing game the other night?  If not, here are the highlights (feel free to mute the commentary).  I was very pleased to see the Pack play 60 minutes of solid football.  I’ll be really happy if they can do it again next week, and the week after that, and the week after that…and so on all the way up through the Super Bowl.  Why?  Because I love it when my team is consistently winning.  I love positive consistency.  And I don’t think I’m much different from any other human being.

We all love positive consistency.We want relationships with our loved ones to consistently be loving, nurturing and strong.  We want our physical bodies to be consistently healthy, lacking in sickness and disease.  We want our jobs to at least be there consistently providing consistent income.

I’ve heard many people, and you may be one of them, say, “I work better in chaos.”  Truth be told, if we took a step back and looked at how “well” we work in chaos, we’d probably see more broken relationships than we’d like to admit and work that might be done, but also substandard.  The heart of the issue is chaos really isn’t all that great.

When we have positive consistency, things get done and usually done well.  When you continue at something, you tend to get better at it and have better results.  Mike McCarthy, coach of the Green Bay Packers, calls it “stacking successes”.  You have one positive, and you build on that creating positive consistency.  The Packers hope they can win this upcoming week, stacking successes creating positive consistency…a plus for his team and the fans of that team.

This same principle can happen in your life.  If you consistently  change the oil in your vehicle, it will run better.  If you consistently exercise and eat right, you body will be healthy.  If you are consistent with positive communication, your relationships will get better.  If you consistently pray, read your Bible, step out in acts of faith (tithing, sharing the gospel, giving to those in need) and hang out with other Christians, your relationship with God will get better and you’ll start seeing miraculous things happen.

Now off to think about my next blog post so I can be consistent with it and hopefully see more readers. 🙂

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