Don’t Give Up

16833441_10212234014676486_333509865_oWe’ve been struck by Influenza A. It wasn’t so bad, fevers, sleepy. But then it turned into coughs and runny noses.Then it settled down into Pneumonia. The worst thing a doctor can say to a Pastor at 3:30am on Sunday morning is, “NO WORK” of any kind! Go straight home and stay there!” That doesn’t give a lot of time to plan out a Sunday service. But, my wife loves to preach, my church understands worship is in the heart, and to worship via CD isn’t the end of the world. So, Monday’s Sermon Notes aren’t mine, they are my wife’s.

Please join us next week, I pray I’ll be in good form ready to bring God’s Word! 10a Crossroads Church in St. James, MN. 721 Weston.  We’ll save you a seat!

The Book of Hebrews was written to a people who were about 40 years removed from Christ’s life. And as we’ve been learning through Pastor’s sermons, the Israelites have a hard time remaining faithful even for a short time.  However, these Jewish Christians are only a living generation from walking with Jesus, and already the writer is encouraging them to run the race, stay the course, and not fall away. They are slipping, and in a very dangerous way.

Who among us needs encouragement? I’m raising both hands here! When the world’s messes are delivered on our doorsteps each morning, on our computer screens, or scrolling across the bottom of a newscast, it’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to join in with the world’s anger and hatred and get discouraged… maybe even begin to turn away. We need some encouragement.

For the rest of the Sermon, please head over to Pastor’s Wife’s page.

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