I’m the husband of a beautiful woman of God, the father of four amazing kids, pastor of St. James A/G and a huge Packer fan.

Hence my tagline of being a husband, father, pastor and Packer fan.  This will actually help your reading enjoyment.  Before each post I’ll put in bold print for the title the word husband, father, pastor or Packer fan.  Here is what you can expect in that blog for each heading:

HUSBAND- stuff about marriage, whether it be practical advice and/or fun stories

FATHER– stuff about family, again, whether it be practical advice and/or fun stories

PASTOR– stuff about theology, the Bible and/or fun stories

PACKER FAN– stuff about sports  and other leisure time activities.  It will mostly deal with Green Bay Packer stuff although I’m also a fan of the Michigan Wolverines, Chicago Cubs and a fair weather Chicago Bulls fan…yeah, I said it.  I was probably more of a Jordan fan than a Bulls fan growing up because after he left the game, I stopped paying attention…although Derrick Rose has caused my “fairweatheredness” to bubble up again.

The blog may cover a couple of different subjects, but I’ll let you know by putting two headers for you.  For instance, say I get some spiritual inspiration from doing something with one of my kids.  I would write FATHER, PASTOR at the beginning of the blog.

If one of those subjects doesn’t interest you, just ignore the entry and enjoy the rest of the blog.

Thanks for taking a peek, and come back weekly as that is how often I hope to post.

God Bless!

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