Yesterday was Father’s Day.  Stevie spoke a great message at service and the kids (really, Stevie) got me some cool gifts.  I now have a trophy to let everyone know that I rule as “Daddy-o of the patio” and a very nice leather and silver name plate for the desk.  We had a nice dinner at a mexican restaurant…I was kind to the family by skipping the refried beans and then a nice afternoon nap.  Really what I like to do on Father’s Day is to take some time for reflection and self-review.  What can I fix in myself to make me a better dad?  The topic of choice, attention.

I have four kids…my oldest, Z, just lost his first tooth, Rubikube is potty training and Dawg just started crawling.  So many things to pay attention to and celebrate.  Wait…what?  I missed a kid?  Correct, I missed Lil.  And this is what I’ve been thinking about not just yesterday, but the last few days.  I can get so caught up in what the other kids are doing that I could miss spreading the attention to one of them, and that could be disastrous.  Maybe not disastrous, but could affect her.  So what do I do?  Make a conscious effort to spend time with Lil.  She may not be doing something that I’ll be giving her a “high-five” for like losing a tooth, peeing on the potty or crawling across the room, but I can set her in my lap, have her read me a book and give her a big hug at the end of the reading and it will make her day.

There may be quite a bit of attention I have to spread to four different kids, but if I want to be the best dad I can be, I’m going to do it!  Oh, and it’s really not that hard…I love being with my kids.